If you can dig what you’re

If you can dig what you’re

If you can dig what you’re seeing here, sign up for my RSS feed and don’t miss an update. You can also subscribe to reader comments and stay in the conversation. Thanks for visiting!Potato latkes are great at any time, and not just for Hanukkah, but that’s what spurred my first trip into making latkes [...]

How to make homemade garlic bread

If you’re making lasagna or another red-sauce pasta dish, it’s imperative you’re whipping up a batch of homemade garlic bread. C’mon, it’s the staple Italian side ;D
Try out this recipe for making garlic bread from scratch. Music by DJ Shadow.

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How to cook personal homemade lasagna singles

Homemade lasagna can be a real treat, but cooking up a big dish doesn’t allow for many people to get involved. Instead, make a romantic dinner experience or get the kids involved by making personal lasagna singles.
I got this idea from The Food Network and wouldn’t you know that Sam Jones just loved it!!!
If you [...]

Welcome back to the kitchen friends. We’re making a mushroom-asparagus risotto from as scratch as I can go. Please forgive me for skipping a few steps in the video. I tried to cram as much in a short few minutes as possible.
We’re also making homemade fish sticks, or as I like to call them, [...]

When you run an active kitchen like mine, you find yourself in the grocery store nearly as much as you’re in front of a stove. Follow Sam Jones and I as we explore several Ann Arbor-area grocers in November 2005.
music is “swamp” by midwest product

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