Being Satisfied And Happy Means Taking Risks

Being Satisfied And Happy Means Taking Risks

A few months ago, I went to Spain and stayed at one of the holiday hotels in Benidorm near the Playa de Levante, a Blue Flag beach. It was a reward for myself after not having a single day off for three months to work on a company project, a project that guaranteed long-term financial security for my family. Working on the project bought me nothing but stress. The long hours spent at work constantly put me in a foul mood. Taking a vacation did not help alleviate the worry I felt about the implementation of the project.A company project that ensured financial security for me and my family has kept me tied up and busy. Although it was a success, but it had cost me so much. My life was one hell of a stressful ride. I became irritable for even the most trivial things, and my loved ones had to bear with my tirades. Furiously working on the project bought rewards, true, but that also meant that I didn’t have time for myself to enjoy the things I really do. However, my outlook of life changed while staying in one of the holiday hotels in Benidorm near the Playa de Levante beach.

I was at the beach lounging by myself. There were only a few people around, and the place was relatively tranquil save for a jogger and his jolly German Shepherd who constantly passed by me. I didn’t think my day could be any better, but it turned even better than expected.I found myself relaxing on a deserted beach all by myself. The beach was deserted, save for a few joggers. The serenity was broken only by the soft murmur of fellow sunbathers and the occasional jogger who ground the sand with his boots. It was a great day to be lazing under the sun, but little did I know that that day has a lot of things in store for me.

“Hi! Excuse me but is this space taken?” a sweet voice snaked through my ears. Looking up, the face that looked back down at me stole my breath away.”Hello, is this space taken? I’d like it here because of the breeze,” a sweet voice asked. I squinted upwards, meaning to take a look at where the voice was coming from. The face that looked back down at me was a sight to behold.

The face looking back down at me belonged to the most beautiful girl I ever saw. Her head was crowned with the most radiant golden blonde hair I’ve ever seen. She was a rather smallish lady, not more than 5 feet tall. She wore a knitted light blue bikini that matched her equally blue eyes. But what got into my heart is her genuinely sweet smile. It was so beautiful, with cute dimples adorning her slightly freckled cheeks, that it mesmerized me for what it seemed to be forever.She had the prettiest face that I ever saw. Her head was crowned with the softest blonde that you can imagine, gleaming in the summer sun. She was quite small, by my reckoning, just a tad above 5 feet. Her blue biking matching the blue in her eyes and the summer sky. But what got my heart beating was her beautiful smile. What was very enchangting with her smile was the dimples forming dents just below her slightly freckled cheeks. Getting mesmerized in that face forever is not far from impossible.

“No, you can have it,” I managed to stutter. She again managed to flash that warm smile at me, before laying her towel down on the sand. For a few minutes, I couldn’t talk. Taking the empty spot on the sand beside me is the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Taking a glimpse at her, I tried to memorise her every line and curve.”No, it’s okay,” I stuttered. She beamed at me and thanked me, laying her towel down on the sand right beside me. For more than a quarter of an hour, the silence between us was deafening. I mean, can you really talk pleasantly knowing that you are lying beside the most beautiful girl in the world?

“So,” I started after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, “are you here for vacation?”

“Yes and no,” she replied and directed to a beach hotel nearby. “This is my last day of work from working in that hotel. I figured out I’d relax here for a while before I leave for Scotland tomorrow.”

“Ah, so you’ll be doing work in Edinburgh?”

“I have no idea. I’ve never gone to the place. I don’t even have relations there. I just opened the Internet one day and found a great opportunity there about climbing the mountains there, perhaps becoming a guide of some sort.”

I sat straight up. I couldn’t believe this girl’s courage. “And you are going to go for it? There’s a lot of risks in diving into things that you don’t know about.”

She smiled. “Not surprisingly. But do we actually know anything” No, we don’t. Life is all about exploring and risking to find what makes you happy. Some day, I will leave this world just like anybody. And it would be such a waste of happiness if I let my fears and doubts cloud over something that may potentially make me happy.?

I could hardly believe my ears. The girl, who was not more than her early 20s, was amazingly intelligent. And what she said was real; we’re so engrossed in worries and fears that we forget to be happy.

She excused herself after a couple of minutes and walked to another part of the beach. I never saw her again or even knew her name, but that mysterious beautiful, smart girl taught me a great lesson of a satisfaction guaranteed to take vacation in hotels in benidorm for families life.She excused herself before I could even get her name. That was the last time I saw her, but she imparted in me a lesson of a satisfaction guaranteed life.